Developing in a developing country

Hello everyone!

This year, we’re releasing Dirty Wars: September 11, a game that explores the Chilean dictatorship of the 1970s and 1980s. This is a project that’s close to our hearts, as it sheds light on a dark period of our country’s history and gives players the opportunity to experience and understand this time from a unique perspective.

As a developer based in a developing country, we often face unique challenges in bringing our games to life. Access to resources, funding, and technology can be limited, and it can be difficult to get our work recognized on a global scale. But despite these challenges, we believe in the power of games to educate, entertain, and inspire.

Working on this particular game has been a particularly challenging and rewarding experience. The dictatorship is a sensitive and controversial subject in Chile, and we’ve had to navigate these issues carefully as we’ve developed the game. Our goal has been to tell this story in an honest and respectful way, while also making sure that the game is engaging and accessible to players of all ages.

We believe that this game has the potential to be a powerful tool for education and awareness, especially for young people who may not be familiar with this chapter of our history. By exploring the events of the dictatorship through gameplay, we hope to foster a deeper understanding of this period and its impact on our country and our people.

We can’t wait for you all to experience this game and learn more about this important chapter of Chilean history. Keep an eye out for more updates and information on the release date in the coming months!

Best, Jorge.