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Dive into a clandestine life of resistance against Pinochet’s military regime where people are captured, tortured and murdered everyday. Solve challenging puzzles and explore Santiago without getting caught in this sinister part of latin-american history.

Co-op Shoot ‘em Up
for 2 players!

Combine your skills with a partner and work together to chase criminals on jet-skis in this action-packed arcade game that will take you back to the 80’s!

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TV Ads

People can’t wait to be told what to buy! Make the best out of every commercial so you know they make the right decision.


Infiltrate into Hakai’s headquarters and take the secret suitcase in order to take them down before they finish destroying the planet.

Rise of Jericho

Organize hunter-gatherers to collect resources and give rise to the wonderful city of Jericho, the oldest city in the world.

This is $hile

You are the new owner of Chile! Now every decision in the country is up to you. Will you succumb before corruption like all? Of course you will…

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