TV Ads

People can’t wait to be told what to buy!

Make the best out of every commercial so you know they make the right decision

Platform: Web (PC)
Players: 1-2 (local versus)

Each TV Ad is a micro-game (3 to 5 second mini-game). If you succeed in making a great commercial, the consumer will buy anything! But if you fail, they won’t care at all and change the channel…

Who knows better what kids want than TV commercials? Don’t even bother asking them, just buy whatever the TV tells you!

The perfect neighborhood exists! Each of these houses where designed specifically for you! (And then massively reproduced)

Beauty standards are a universal thing! And with shaved legs everyone will stare directly at you! Because that is what you want.

Your bad smell is scaring mates away! Spray yourself with this can of chemicals and you’ll be surrounded by sexual desire!

Who needs healthy food? Our cows are brutally tortured before being turned into mashed meaat so you know they taste as good as hell!

Same old chords and generic lyrics is what people want to hear! Listen to the newest album all day long so you have something to talk about.

This game was made with the intention of criticizing the way commercials treat us. Minigames and descriptions above are ironic.