Kids in jericho

What would life be like for the hunter-gatherers that settled the rise of our civilization if it wasn’t for kids, right?

That’s why we have added those little tiny dudes also known as children to Rise of: Jericho

Now, don’t worry, we won’t go into the details of how kids are made (we’ll leave that for another time), but we can tell you that children in Jericho come with their families – yes, even the outsiders. And what’s better than having a whole family join you in your quest to build a civilization? Nothing, that’s what!

These little ones may be small, but they bring a lot to the table. Well not so much really, they can’t build or gather resources but they’re just so darn cute! If they make it through they’ll grow up to be the perfect friendly neighbor.

This and more awesome stuff is coming to the full version of Rise of: Jericho, so stay tunned!