Dirty Wars: September 11

Chile, September 11, 1973.

The Military Coup of Pinochet’s army overthrows President Salvador Allende’s democratically elected government, marking the beginning of 17 years of horror and genocide. Exile, censorship, torture and the forced disappearance of people who oppose the new regime are performed on a daily basis.

Maximiliano and Abigaíl, a young couple who decide to stay in Chile, join the resistance against the dictatorship, sacrificing everything to enter a life of secrecy in which they must face multiple challenges.

Dirty Wars is a video game that combines stealth mechanics, puzzles and interactive dialogues in a closed and immersive world with defined objectives.

You play as Maximiliano and Abigail, who must overcome difficult objectives in order to opose the regime, in a time where only one side had all the weapons and the use of information and counter-intelligence are much more valuable.

There are no inventory systems or acquired skills, in the resistance the only weapon to survive is your intelligence and your ability to understand the security rules that will keep you going in the fight against the dictatorship, an unequal fight that will take years.

The compartmentalization is the iron law of resistance. No member can know personal information about an other, or anything that the dictatorship can use. Anyone could be captured, tortured and forced to give out information at any time.

In moments of great tension and danger, armed confrontation is not an option. Use the elements of the environment to hide and avoid being heard by the repressive forces.

Dirty Wars is a Chilean video game for the world. Introducing a completely Chilean and Latin American story that shows part of the culture, art, music and aesthetics from this corner of the world.


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48 Años del Golpe

Hoy se cumplen 48 años del golpe de Estado en Chile y el comienzo de una de las etapas mas horribles y oscuras de nuestra historia. La dictadura militar de Pinochet se extendió entre 1973 y 1990, y aunque parezca lejos de cómo nos encontramos hoy, las consecuencias siguen vivas. Las conversaciones aún son tensasSigue leyendo “48 Años del Golpe”

Dirty Wars teaser

Se vienen los 48 años del golpe militar, inicio de una época siniestra en la que se causó demasiado sufrimiento. Ya ha pasado un buen tiempo y estamos lejos de lo ocurrido. Pero aún así es necesario recordar todo lo que pasó, con todas sus facetas, para permitirnos sanar, tanto como país y como individuos,Sigue leyendo “Dirty Wars teaser”

Dirty Wars ahora es Sudaka

Buenas, Hace un tiempo ya que no escribíamos aquí. Esta vez no venimos a contarles que fuimos detenidos ni nada parecido. Tenemos noticias frescas. En Sudaka Games nos distinguimos por nuestro tono burlezco sobre nuestra posición tercer-mundista, y de las absurdas culturas imperialistas. Sentimos que reírnos de esto es una buena manera de fortalecer nuestraSigue leyendo “Dirty Wars ahora es Sudaka”

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